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Ever sent an email to the wrong person? Small actions can have big consequences.

That stomach-dropping moment, the heart-pounding panic – we've all been there!

It's the number one reason our clients seek our guidance on potential GDPR breaches. Small actions can have BIG consequences.

One slip, one misdirected email, can lead to awkward situations or serious data breaches.

Here are our top tips to avoid it happening:

Double Click, Double Check

Take that extra moment to double click, right click, or simply hover your mouse over the recipient names. This simple action allows you to see their full email address. Make it a habit, especially if you rely on the 'auto-populate' function.

Delay is Your Friend

Use the 'delay send' feature if you have it. Set it to at least 30 seconds. You could even do it for minutes. It's your safety net, giving you that crucial window to catch any mistake.

Schedule Send

Even safer than a delayed send is a scheduled email. They allow for a review period. If you go to your Scheduled folder, you can see the entire email and recipients.

Organise Your Contacts

A cluttered contact list is a recipe for mistakes. Keep it tidy, and you'll reduce the risk of emailing the wrong person.

Alerts for External Emails

If your email is heading outside your organisation, a prompt for double-checking can be a lifesaver.

Keep Learning

Stay updated with email best practices. What's obvious to one might be news to another.

If you do slip up, report it straight away to your manager or your Data Protection Officer if personal data was involved. Better safe than sorry.

At PEO Legal, we provide legal and compliance advice for professional employer organisations, employers of record and staffing companies around the world. For advice about any point of cross-border employment law – including data protection - contact us, today.


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